Final Fantasy 14: A third home?

Today not a rant, but it WILL be a long read. Get a drink and something to eat.
I think I’ve complained about WoW enough that people understand that I’m just really passionate and want the game to do well. I hope 8.2 is everything people wanted and more, and that classic will carry Blizzard back out of their current issues. Have fun!

On to FF then. Where do I start really…let’s just take it from the top with a review of every expansion so far, with my personal experience at the end:

The early levels (1-30):
My pc died the same day I downloaded FF, and it originally turned me away simply because of that annoyance. Thankfully I came back after it got fixed, and began my journey, on which my friend Shensu had already started a bit. I joined him on his server, and made a Miqo’te (what a surprise) Pugilist (the monk of FF, again, what a surprise.)
Early quests already set a nice tone for what would be the standard “adventurer does big thing x5” that Final Fantasy games are known for, and the world felt very alive with the amount of players I encountered on the way. You also get your first mount at around 30.

The middle school of hard knocks but mostly running back and forth (30-50):
And when I say 30-50, I mean Pre-Heavensward included.

Have you ever wanted to run all over the world for hours on end?
Do you like watching a movie during your gameplay, that lasts for up to an hour if not longer if you’re a very slow reader?
Do you like being emotionally distraught?
Do you like catching a cold from walking in the snow?
Do you like headaches?

If so, these levels are your home turf. Yet none of these are actually cons to me, aside from the first one. At 30, your class “evolves” into what it’s supposed to be, for example, Thaumaturge becomes Black Mage, and Pugilist becomes Monk. With this change, your class quests also evolve, and to me, some become worse, and you might lose interest. At the same time, the MSQ does the same, telling you to run all over the place multiple times to talk to different NPC’s. The story REALLY slows down here, but is worth your time to do regardless. Your character has its fair share of visions in this time, but again, invest time into reading the cutscenes, and in time you’ll feel rewarded for it. The story picks up again when you near level 50, and you get put into two Main Scenario dungeons that last anywhere from 20-35 minutes for the first, to 40 minutes AT LEAST for the second, followed up with an EPIC FINALE, after which…you slow down again. Many more tedious quests await you before you get to sink your teeth into Heavensward, and this might be where people give up or get bored. Bite through this part, and you will be rewarded with one of the best bits of story-telling the first expansion had to offer: the quest named “The Parting Glass.”

If you paid attention during the earlier quests, you know what happens here before it happens. But it somewhat takes you by surprise anyway, and many other things happen as well. The player’s world is turned upside down to say the least. During a 45 MINUTE CINEMATIC, your emotions are thrown around like a ball of yarn, or perhaps a pinball.  Make sure to get some popcorn!
Afterwards, your character finds themselves in the next chapter of this game’s story, with eyes turned heavensward.

The breaking of the soul, among other things, like the heart (50-60)
Remember when you ran across the continent five times all the while beastmen were summoning their god and people refused to help you before you finished running around?

Well guess what pumpkin, no one here knows that you did that. Go chase some heretics! All in all, Heavensward was a wild ride, from the uncanny start to the amazing final steps (of Faith, ha) toward the next chapter.

Straight out the gates you get thrown into a harsh, unkind environment, but not without friends along the way! Just like before, the main character is surrounded by a cast of colorful, living creatures that breathe character. From the corteous Count Edmont to the Dragoon Kain-wannabe Estinien, this story brings with it many more characters which you will come to both love and hate, in the most relaxed to the most intense scenarios thus far. It is also important to note that, at this point in the story, your gear probably isn’t the best. Mobs WILL be tougher. Be careful, but don’t let that stop you from advancing the story bit by bit. Being an expansion, Heavensward only covers levels 50-60. Flying is also introduced, but needs to be unlocked per zone in which it is available, and will make for a nice distraction for those that need it. Once finished with this storyline, you will go on to a little Pre-Stormblood questline, setting up for its story, before charging right into battle.

Still got emotions after that last quest? Good. Zenos will have what’s left. (60-70)
Stormblood wasn’t exactly my favorite, but it’s hard with stories being shorter because of expansions. At this point you’re in too deep if you care about story, so you can’t escape anymore anyway. The character once again takes some heavy hits to their persona, as well as the player taking heavy hits on their emotions again. Stormblood was tedious at many points, but it all depends on what you find more interesting. The journey takes you to the land of Ninjutsu and the ways of the Samurai: Doma, but also back to places that were always a goal to many characters you’ve met so far: Ala Mhigo. Many more, new characters take to the stage, prime among which is Arthas…sorta. The story jumps back and forth between the two places, and that’s what annoys me a little. I don’t want to stop my intense story here to go somewhere else first. While it made sense from a story’s perspective, it still kinda sucked for me personally. Luckily, both stories overlap and work together towards the amazing ending, with plot twist after plot twist.

Which brings us to Shadowbringers, set to release in 5 days from now for people with early access.

I can only wish Square Enix the best in their journey as developers of this game, and the same to the players, on their journey to discover the truth behind everything they’ve been told up to now. Even I have questions I want answers to, and I hope Shadowbringers will give me that. Here’s hoping.


You’re still here?

Let’s start out with ARR, then. Here’s Hildi warning you to avoid spoilers.
I started playing FF about 4 months ago from writing this, bit more or less. Being stuck at home and jobless, I had loads of time to eat this story up. Now, quick reminder, I’ve played other FF games (3, 6, 7, 8 and 13), which resulted in me sorta knowing the main red thread that works in all FF games: Light and Dark need to be balanced. The first part, which is to say, all of Realm Reborn, teaches that to the player, among other things, like politics and quarrels of each main city. Regardless of what city you started in, it will always gravitate towards Ul’Dah’s story after a while. I tore through this part with relative ease and quickness, enjoyed the highs and despised the lows, but kept on going to see where it was all going. and boy, what an ending. At this point I was hooked enough to already have bought both Heavensward and Stormblood, so I was able to dump Monk for Samurai at 50, just before doing Realm Reborn’s final bits, facing off with Nero, Gaius, and the Ultima Weapon. The ending cinematic was long, but worth watching. everything was good that day…for a moment, the world knew peace.

And then it all came crashing down.

The forming of the crystal braves, only to be betrayed by the corrupt among them.
The poisoning of Nanamo, before she was able to step down as Sultana.
Raubahn nearly dying.
The Scions going MIA.
Hydaelyn’s blessing being sealed away by this wannabe god called Midgardsormr.
And after all of that, you’re stuck with crybaby Alphinaud (yeah you got backstabbed get over it) and Haurchefant, also known as that guy that has a massive fetish for you in the Japanese version, regardless of your gender (respectable), and Midgardsormr in whelp-form. What a dream-team. You lost everything. It was as if the whole world renounced the Warrior of Light.

And yet Heavensward would blow your god damn pants off.

The Fortemps Family. Aymeric’s hunger for lasting peace. The Pope’s betrayal. The death of Iceheart. Estinien losing himself to the eyes of Nidhogg. The Warriors of Darkness. The return of Scions presumed dead. A friendly face-off with Raubahn. The final steps of faith, where Hraesvelgr fought fang and claw to defend Ishgard from the mad spirit of Nidhogg, at which point…my pc hard crashed. IM NOT KIDDING! THE MOMENT THEY CLASHED UNDERNEATH THE BRIDGE, MY PC FROZE AND I HAD TO RESTART. When I came back, I had to go rewatch the cinematic at an inn first. I wasn’t gonna miss out on the conclusion. You felt like a god yourself by the end of Heavensward, and rightfully so. You’ve saved Ishgard, stopped the Pope from becoming a tyrant to his people, brought peace between mankind and dragonkind, convinced the Warriors of Darkness to stand down, and killed THREE Ascians, thought immortal before, among which was LAHABREA, one of the three Paragons of the Source.

Can we quickly talk about that dinner with Aymeric right before Stormblood? Was this some kind of troll, Square Enix? Respect to my character for not sweating bullets, but I was like: “Any moment now one of us is getting poisoned. Or an explosion happens. Or another pair of Nidhogg’s eyes gets found. Or an Ascian comes in to blast the waiter for no apparent reason.”

Then, right at the end of Heavensward, Potato Jesus sacrifices himself to pull a Louisoix and tries to seal away Shinryu. Cid and Nero (welcome back!) team up to find and send out a machine called Omega to deal with this issue of Shinryu breaking out of the cage he was put in.

And then we meet Zenos, and my latest kink I didn’t know existed: Mechanical Scabbards that rotate and probably weigh a ton. Seriously, if you didn’t think that looked cool, IDK what to say. Anyhow, Stormblood IMO missed the mark a bit. The early bits in Ala Mhigo are just boring and the slaughterhouse that followed was a much needed break from all the bullshit. Also nice to see my character finally getting her ass destroyed by an RP WALKING BADASS. Then, we go to Doma, pretty nice place, my hunger for all things Japan is sated quickly and me and Shensu can finally get ourselves an apartment in Shirogane. We’re still saving up for a house, but that’s just a matter of time.

And then…we took a dive into Eureka.
This place, by itself, deserves a spotlight. While the system itself is kinda flawed because you ride in a FATE train for hour upon hour, the progressive system and rewarding items made more than up for it. I did the whole thing in about a month, from Anemos to Hydatos. Community took main stage here, which I can only applaud. There’s nothing quite like tackling a FATE boss with 144 people, with half of them getting oneshot by any AoE, but that’s beyond the point. It just felt special, being together in an instance with all these people.

For those of you that want to ever tackle Eureka yourselves for the weapons, here’s my advice, which might become outdated in two months, but I’m doing this anyway because I CANNOT find a proper full guide anywhere:

Step 1: You start in Anemos. Do your challenge logs, look for people who are also around your level, and team up. Level to elemental level 10.

Step 2: FATE Train. All the way to 20, and then some to get your weapon upgraded to its Anemos stage. Finish up your quests, and head into Pagos.

Step 3: Fate train to 35. Grab your kettle to collect light as soon as you can, and hand the light in before you hit 10 on the counter. Repeat until you have 31 light crystals, finish your elemental weapon, and on to Pyros.

Step 4: Fate train to 50. Give 0 fucks about the quests outside of the base until you get to 50, and then get a few friends (that you’ve hopefully made through your journey in Eureka so far) to lend you a hand to complete the last parts, unlock Hydatos, farm any remaining crystals needed for your weapon and get ready to relax.

Step 4.5 (Optional): This is for the people who want to the get the shiny Elemental Armor. is your best friend for this. Hope you can miss a couple Million Gil, because HOO BOY this shit is tedious and frustrating. Make sure you don’t overspend your cash if you care about your money / don’t want to spend more than needed. Get ready to teleport between Eureka and Kugane/Limsa a lot.

Step 5: HYDATOS PIZZA TIME. This place is heaven, with many open areas, and very little risk to die unless you’re auto-running while alt-tabbed. Fate train to 57, then you can either continue that to 60, or start reflect farming. I recommend doing that, but it’s by no means necessary. If you have some days off, you can do all of Hydatos and grab your final weapon in about 2 days, given you have other players also doing this.

That’s it! At this point it’s just farming crystals and hoping to catch Provenance Watcher twice, or, if you don’t want the glow on the weapon like me, you don’t even need him! Hydatos is still a great source of income, with the mount from the boxes netting you many millions!

As a community-based piece of content, Eureka did a great job of staying relevant until the end of Stormblood. I’m looking forward to the next expansion, and hope it’ll be as good as my experience with the game so far. Here’s to Shadowbringers!






I haven’t quit WoW.

So, unless you’ve been sleeping under a rock or just haven’t checked my twitter page in a while, you may have noticed I’ve started playing Final Fantasy 14. I started about two weeks ago, after my computer had been fixed. Now I won’t go into details and praise FF for hours and shittalk wow for years, as I think we’ve all had enough negativity from me and the community about it. But I will say this.

I won’t quit playing wow. No matter how bad it gets.

I will take a break right now, sure, but I won’t ever stop playing it completely. Tasogare has been my main character for over 5 years, heading close to 7 now.


No way in hell would I throw away all the time and effort that I spent on this beautiful, awesome game. BfA has simply not been what I wanted it to be. I’m not repeating what I wrote last post.

When 8.2 comes out, of course I’ll check it out, and hey, my sub’s gonna be running until June or something, so I also have enough time to do Crucible of Storms and get that done. I’ll still be there every patch to check out new content, and I’m happy to continue doing that if the improvements I want don’t happen. WoW has become something special and close to my heart over the years. Even now, while I’m running around Eorzea on my Miqo’te, I still think to myself: “But it’s not WoW. It’s not Taso.” I know that might sound lame and stupid, but it is honestly how I feel about it. FF lets you do some amazing things, and lends itself very well for you to have fun, especially with friends.

But it doesn’t have my main character from WoW. I have a bunch of art of her (more next month stay tuned) and I would really just be logged on WoW just to run around with that character, which I have done on many occasions, not just in BfA, but all the time.

Over the last few years, I’ve also grown more attached to playing with my friends. They are what makes games fun to me. I have a good one or two friends left that actively play WoW that I talk to more than once in a blue moon. Final Fantasy on the other hand has the main core of friends I’ve been talking with pretty much ever since I started playing WoW all those years ago. Could I blame them for quitting? No. Would I eventually give in and start playing FF? Well…by the way guys there’s a Panda pet from a level 55 dungeon…I’m just saying.

Panda pet

That’s also probably why WoW has become a bit more boring to me. Raiding is still good, really. But seeing as Dazar’Alor left a sour taste in my mouth with how the scaling worked for smaller groups…fuck that noise. We couldn’t even do Grong heroic for the first reset we did just because our group was too small. That problem presented itself again on Conclave, where it demanded close kills due to minor fuckups. It’s heroic, but it felt like mythic on crack. One person dying oftentimes caused another person to die later on due to lack of combat ress, or cooldowns, or anything. Hell, our Mistweaver rerolled just so that we could have a druid to quickly ress instead of waiting for our Death Knight to get Runic Power. These are dumb issues you wouldn’t have with a bigger group. But I ain’t pugging anymore. I’m here to play with my friends, and if they’re not here…then eventually I’m gonna go after them.

As I said in previous posts, I. Love. WoW. I want the best for it. I’ve seen the thread that someone else posted on twitter, about how the game hasn’t changed. That would’ve been true if Legion released ten years ago, and thus artifacts and tier sets would still have been in the game. 8.2 is doing something to resolve the whole artifact issue, and I am interested enough to take a look anyway as I love the game’s story.

That’s gonna be it for this post, a lot more than I planned to write, but yeah.

In case you’re that person that wants to call that last bit about scaling “shittalking”: You have no idea what shittalking is. These are honest concerns for the game as a whole, and ruin a lot of people’s experience. I’m sure you’d have a lot of fun wiping on a boss other groups AFK and snore through just because they have more people.


Until the next post, people. Thanks for reading, and I hope you have a wonderful day.

Titanforging, Personal loot, and other reasons to stop trying. *SALT WARNING*

Pretty depressing title. Nice. It’s what the person who thought these were a good idea deserves.

Yes this post will be very salty and will contain my (very salted) opinion, you might disagree on things and that’s fine, people aren’t all the same and we all enjoy different things. This is after all me dropping words on the internet. It’s called the Ranting Ranch for a reason. Get used to it. Don’t take offense. Just read, or don’t. Have a good one.

Recently, my guild, Transcendent, which was 3/8 mythic and about a week of progress away from 4/8, has gone on hiatus for an unknown period of time. The reason? What else can we even do outside of a raid that doesn’t bore us out of our damn skulls? And it’s not like people were enjoying Mythic, judging by their absence without a notice upfront.

Mythic Raiding is not worth the effort anymore if you’re not pushing for a specific high rank in the world. If you play for your own personal progression on a character, just don’t bother. Do mythic plus all day. Just as rewarding, minimal effort, and it’s more fun realistically, especially if you like the new dungeons. Good luck recruiting and incentivizing for mythic guilds if the players know being bound to your rules vs doing m+ whenever for possibly the same if not better rewards.

I mean, it’s not like it’s super rare or anything, but good god do I get nauseous everytime I see this (which isn’t that often).

I’m personally completely done with mythic raiding as it stands. My guild is the same.

Our raid leader, who has been playing arms warrior for the entirety of the expansion so far, literally got his trinket from Vectis one week ago. That was three weeks AFTER we quit raiding. For more than 8 weeks of Uldir, the man did not get his trinket. Not from normal, not from heroic, not even from lfr. Every week he’d reroll heroic for them, and everytime someone else would get it. From a bonus roll, so they couldn’t trade it. Our DK got two from just looting the boss. First time he needed it himself and couldn’t trade it because highest ilvl trinket. Second time he got it, it was 5 ilvls higher and so he couldn’t trade it again. Sure love personal loot.

It’s hot garbage, honestly. You wanna put in this shit system? Be my guest. But take your grubby disgusting fingers off of my master loot. If OUR guild wants to run GUILD master loot, then who are you to tell us otherwise? Legion was and still is the best when it came to this supposed “issue”: You’re in a guild group? You can turn on master loot. You’re not? Then you’re bound to using personal. A good way to incentivise joining a guild if you think you’re worthy of getting a piece of loot, and aren’t just getting by drooling on your keyboard as you alt tab and watch the latest topic on youtube while doing lfr.

But here comes crybaby police Blizzard, with that good ol’ “we’re not giving a good reason to remove ML fuck you go jump off a cliff”. I can’t stand it. I’m better off going back to Argent Dawn and RP’ing my days in WoW away than to raid 2-5 days a week, spend the majority of the time wiping due to idiots that have a 200 wipe learning curve, only to get what? A crappy title (The Drustvar questline for Alliance gives a better title for god’s sake.) and maybe an ok-looking mount? Because loot sure ain’t dropping for me, and that +10 group is still declining me. I can just go pug normal or heroic for a day or two and have it all done. I can do Mythic next expansion for the transmog anyway.

What else is on this list? It’s pretty short considering nearly everything outside of raiding is irrelevant anyway.

PvP elite sets are a recolor of the Honorbound/7th Legion sets, so if you’re not wanting to rip your eyes out (like I do) from pvp’ing against a rogue mage priest comp for 80% of your games, and you don’t care about the color, just the look, just level some alts of the same armor type. Do the Warfront on all of them, and tadah! Elite-but-slightly-different-sets at your leisure! Takes zero effort by the way, just run back and forth between mines and lumber mill and collect mine carts and chop down half of Arathi’s forests, build the engineering workshop, send in 3 demo’s and spam repair them. Done. No combat required. Can’t wait to do the same in the next season for another set I can get from Warfronts all the same.

Wow Taso, you’re pretty salty about all this. Why not just stop playing?

Well my handsome reader, remind yourself that this is still WoW we’re talking about. I’ve been playing it for 7 years now, and I’m still playing it because I LOVE THIS WORLD. I want the best for it. I want people to enjoy raiding. Not throw it aside. I want to be able to enjoy every aspect of it, just like I did in Legion. The raiding was good, the Dungeons were good, the outer world was good. The PvP was…well to me it was fun, but PvP is always an opinion when it comes to gameplay. Like not being bound to the GCD or something like that.

What reason do I have to grind rep next patch? Paragon boxes for a pet? Sure, I’ll just drop 10k and buy one off of the AH in a year or two.

World quests for Azerite *WHEEZE* Not like I’m nearing trait 30 and don’t see a reason to grind for it. I can come back in a few weeks and run my island cap for two levels because of the catch-up mechanic. People sometimes say I rushed through everything, but that’s a big lie. I logged daily, yes. I played a lot, yes. But by no means did I skip, avoid, or exploited anything to get ahead faster than others. Even now I log in only once every 3 days (if at all) to do my Emissaries for some AP or Gear chance at BiS (lmao @world quests giving upgrades over heroic/mythic gear for some people), and I’m STILL ahead of people. And isn’t playing the game a lot the way it should be? Mythic plus offers replayability, but since they’ve tuned the dungeons to be more exciting to watch in the MDI (just look at all those annoying mechanics the dungeons have like self-fearing mobs and having to outrange/line of sight fears) it’s not quite as fun as the Legion dungeons.

There’s nothing weird about clearing the whole world map every day in the first weeks before Uldir, that’s what people do to show they’re doing their best to come in strong when a raid releases. That’s how they show they want the best for their guild. That’s what we did. Because we love this game, and the players we play it with.

But it was all for nought. The guild’s good as dead, and I’m stuck having to decide on what to do myself. Quitting is not an option. I don’t just quit a game if I know it can do better.

I think that about covers everything so far in BfA. If I did miss something, do let me know so I can edit this post to add more salt to the pile.

All I can hope for is that Tides of Vengeance will wash that salt away and make the game better again. And I truly do hope it will.


Z and Cinder’s Interrogatio- I mean blog challenge, yes, haha…


Heck. Should’ve woken up earlier and missed it. Guess I’ll use this blog for something fun for a change ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

To make things more fun, I’ve done the questions for both me as a player, as well as for Taso, my main character, a Pandaren Windwalker Monk.

Ladies first, so Taso takes the spotlight.

1: Taso mainly drinks brew in her offtime from work (she’s a smith IC’ly!) But if she does ever have a calming cup of tea, she’d have it with loads of sugar and the tea itself would be a fruity flavor. She hates herbs.

2: Definitely Kul’Tiramisu. She’s not even Alliance. She’ll disguise as one just to get her fix.

3: Winter. It reminds her of the past, of the times she and her partner were still together. There’s one specific part of that you’ll get to see in the future as a commission.

4: Finishing up pieces of armor and weaponry in the forge. Nothing gets her more excited than that. She regularly spends her off-time making more armor for herself, just for fun.

5: Cats all the way. She loves dogs, but if she had to choose…yeah.

6: A place far away from the war, where she can forget about all the horrible things in the recent years.

7: She’s not really one for kids. She used to love hanging out with the younger temple students back in Pandaria and teach them a bit after training sessions, but aside from that she can’t see herself having children.

8: Lightning and cloudy weather. She loves laying in bed at night listening to the thunder crashing in the distance.

9: Her last meal would be a simple one. A plate of meat (Durotar steak!) Some vegetables on the side (from Pandaria) and a big tankard of brew.

10: She’d go back in time to the point where her partner fell into a volcano during a hiking trip in Frostfire Ridge and prevent that from happening.

11: She would haunt the person who blamed her for her partner’s death, forcing her to throw away her happy life to join the Horde.

12: Her ancestors were priests to Yu’lon and Chi’Ji all the way up to and including her Grandmother. Her parents were fishermen.

13: Losing another loved person. Nothing else is really something that would scare her, except people suddenly being close to her. And I guess she’s afraid of dying.

14: For not dying in the snow of Frostfire while bleeding from her hands. She was saved by a Horde soldier that was patrolling the area.

15: She already has her dream job: She always wanted to be a smith when she was a kid.

16: She knows they’re real. After all, The world is full with those Draenei and Orcs, let alone the more…threatening things like Old Gods and Demons (rip lmao).

17: Does sleeping count as a sport? I guess she likes to swim a bit too, sometimes.

18: Mostly by drinking a load of brew and then straight to bed.

19: She would like to meet the first Guided Cub. She’s always looked up to them as some sort of example to follow, to be the best she can possibly be.

20: She’d teach the ways of smithing, or if something more generalised, the martial arts that she was taught in her own youth.

21: A day off. Curse this infernal forge tbh.

22: A guided cub that’s been cursed to be emotionally unstable, only to be freed from it and then thrown into a factional war. Good times ahead.

23: She loves chatting with a warrior at her workplace, Jadely Dawnleaf. She stutters a lot, which makes Taso giggle from time to time depending on what gets repeated.

24: Time travel. There’s so many things that she’d like to change, regardless of the repercussions.

25: Red pandas who aren’t as highly intellectually advanced as herself. You see, you need a high IQ to understand Pandaren. Their culture is obviously derived from-
(No but for real how do Red Pandas exist in a world where Red Pandaren exist? Did they miss the evolutionary train or what)

She’d also love ducks. You know. If they existed.

26: Breaking her curse around 20 years of suffering from it.

Additionally: Making her Masterpiece at the forge. Hasn’t happened yet. All previous masterpieces have either been destroyed or broken in one way or another.


Right, that wasn’t even that bad. Now it’s my turn *SWEATS*

1: I literally despise tea. If I had to it’d be similar to Taso: Fruity with loads of sugar.

2: I love this very specific chocolate dessert with whipped cream on it that I sometimes get at the supermarket when I’m really in for one, but aside from that there’s not a real *Favorite* I like loads of desserts!

3: Fall, probably. I love the way the world looks when all the leaves have Mcfallen from the trees. Maybe I watched too much anime when I was in high school.

4: Anything really. I’m easy to get excited about things. I can watch a video that is complete nonsense and not funny to most people and I’ll laugh my ass off twice in one minute.

5: Cats. Same as Taso: if I have to choose, I’d pick the one that I love more than the other.

6: My dream holiday consists of visiting every place where I have friends, to meet them, say hi, hug them, whatever really. I just want to thank every single person that I’ve had the pleasure of being friends with so far.

7: I don’t think I’ll really ever HAVE kids, but just having 1 single kid would probably be fun. And something to be proud of once they grow up!

8: ANYTHING THAT DOESN’T MAKE NOISE. Seriously, I HATE rain. I sleep in a room where the roof is diagonal, so the rain clatters and rams onto the windows at night, not to mention hailstorms and the like.

9: I’ve never really thought about it. I guess it’d be just any dish that I really like. If I’d have to be specific, it’d be French fries, probably a saté Schnitzel, because oh my god I love saté and Schnitzels, and then most likely a small salad with it, just to have a fresh bit in there 🙂

10: I’d go back in time to when WoW first came out and tell my parents, yes, go play it, stop doubting. Go farm me some T3 while I go to school, so I can have your account later and be the coolest kid in town *sunglasses emoji here*

11: Uhhhhhh…I’d probably haunt whatever house I lived in before I died, and you’ll constantly hear that part of one of Videogamedunkey’s videos where he says: “This is like when you get to play as the mansion in Luigi’s Mansion. Boo!”

12: I derive from a part Dutch part German ancestry. My Great-grandmother was the last full-blood german in our family tree. I haven’t really gotten the chance to speak to most family members since they’ve either died when I was still really young, or they never contact us (I have more family in Germany if you jump through 1000 hoops if you get what I mean.) Most of the family I know is just Dutchborn Dutch raised.

13: Friends getting angry at me. I always feel like the whole world is crumbling whenever someone close to my heart gets angry with me, since most of my youth consisted of me having next to no friends. I treasure each and every single friend I have.

14: Two things: Being alive (cliché I know), and getting bullied from first grade all the way into second year in highschool. Silly as it may sound, it caused me to be the person I am today, as it caused me to be as much into games as I am, which in turn made me find all these people that became my friends! Sure I could’ve made friends here in the Netherlands, but let’s be real here. 90% of Dutch people my age (21) are high off their ass or drinking themselves to death or smoking cigarettes till you can pave a road with their lungs. I do none of those, so no thanks. I’d rather talk with people that have some sort of self-control when it comes to those things. No that’s not harsh.

15: Being a game developer in any way, shape or form. I’ll be the coffeeboy if I need to be. I just want to work in a game industry and be part of all that cool stuff we know and love. I’m super creative when it comes to concepts, I just can’t get them onto paper since I can’t draw at all.
But even if I apply for such a job (if it even exists) It’s gonna be like “Oh you need x years of work done. Oh you need this degree. And this degree. And that degree while you’re at it.” I sometimes wish I was born ten years earlier so I wouldn’t have to deal with it in the same fashion. My father got his job 30-odd years ago after applying and being told “Oh here you go you do this and that. Good luck.” Nowadays you need 3 degrees and then some for the EXACT SAME JOB as 30 years ago. Drives me nuts.

16: I mean, I like to believe they exist. But all those theories and stories you hear and see on television seem like utter nonsense. One in particular with an airplane full of passengers getting lost, then reappearing a a few days later or something, and landing, then when it gets opened, everyone inside is a skeleton. Supposedly they’d have flown into a time rift or whatever. Yeah sure. Why was none of this ever on the news? Why do we only hear this 40 years after it’s happened?

17: I don’t really do sports anymore but I like watching Judo and Skeetshooting.

18: By playing games really, like with most things. I also enjoy reading, and writing stories myself, mainly RP stories about WoW.

19: I would love to meet Steven Hawking (does he count?). He always felt like he was such a strong person. The fact that he died recently hit me pretty hard, as that was really the only person I really thought was super cool. Rest in peace.

20: I’d most likely teach English. Only thing I’m good at lmao.

21: Much like Taso, days off are my perfect days. getting married would probably be a big thing too x)

22: Dumbass WoW player LF ways to get a good job that involves computers.

23: An old friend of mine, Barry, takes the top spot, but we haven’t talked in years. We kinda grew apart, I liked other things and well…we kinda just, stopped talking? We rarely ever talk, but we’ve never stopped being friends to eachother. I wonder how he’s doing.

Nowadays, I think my guildie, Yellowdevil (@Yellowdevil101 Shameless plug) makes me laugh the most. We’re like two sides of the same coin when it comes to what gets us laughing.

24: Power of persuasion so I can get Blizzard to listen and communicate to the community more and in better ways. People have great ideas to improve existing systems, but most look as if they’re not even considered or thrown aside. I know it’s most likely not the case, but recent things have made me have my doubts.

25: Surprise, it’s Red Pandas. My one single dream is to hold one before I die. they’re the cutest things in the world.

26: Passing high school I guess? (doesn’t feel like an accomplishment that final exam was a joke)

If I could exclude irl my biggest accomplishment would be either getting a top 100 world rank for Windwalker Monk all stars, or getting Realm First Xavius.


Yikes I’m hungry. Time for some good ol’ Sunday morning breakfast.

Thanks for reading! And thanks to Z and Cinder for the challenge, that was fun ^.^

The S.S. Azerite is sinking, or is it?

Don’t worry! We can fix it! Just put some more stuff in the hole where stuff goes in!

Currently the Azerite system is…a bit unstable, as most of you may have heard or read about.

In case you’re not up to date, let me explain:

Currently there are so called Outliers; traits that are very powerful for a certain spec. These traits, without a doubt, promote using lower ilvl gear with that trait over higher ilvl gear with a different one in certain (not all) situations.

To give an example, this week I found myself doing the weekly conquest cap for a PvP chestpiece of item level 355. The item in question had the Swift Roundhouse trait, which is the Outlier trait for Windwalker monks. It’s very comparable to an Arms warrior’s Seismic Wave trait (which made Overpower hit multiple targets) in the sense that the value of even one trait is off-the-charts high.


This is the current simulation for all Azerite traits, in terms of how powerful they are if you have 1-3 traits, as shown by the legend on the bottom right. Needless to say, Swift Roundhouse is up by miles. Having 2 is already better than having 3 of another trait. Now, me and many other windwalker monks knew it was bound to be nerfed, as you do.

But to see it happen still sucks. We didn’t hunt down pieces that gave this trait for nothing. We did it because we knew it would make us more powerful than the other traits. No one in their right mind was gonna be like: “Oh yeah! Ruinous bolt! That’s okay to keep! It’s a nice item level :)”


As you can see: even a 385 piece of Azerite gear, which is currently the maximum, will not give you enough power to beat a 370 Swift Roundhouse piece.

Now, let’s go back to my example of the 355 PvP chest. As you may have guessed, yes, it was an upgrade over a 370 Azerite chestpiece that came from my mythic+ cache that same day.

I personally think, like many others, that the Azerite system is screwed up in one way or another. However, it’s not something that they can’t fix.

This is my own system that I thought up way back before BfA launched and the Azerite system was fully explained:

Let’s say you loot a 340 piece of gear, or in common terms, a piece of gear from Mythic dungeons:
The moment you get your first mythic dungeon completion on that character, it unlocks the first trait for your Azerite pieces of Item Level 340.
Once you have the Achievement for completing every dungeon on Mythic, all traits are unlocked for the 340 pieces, turning them into 345 pieces, making them more valuable.

Now you grind out some more stuff, and in comes Uldir:
The moment you kill MOTHER on Normal difficulty, the first tier of your 355 Azerite gear unlocks. (This can also be applied to LFR MOTHER, which just makes the first traits for ULDIR Azerite amor of 340 unlock.)
Let’s say you kill MOTHER on Heroic, now both 355 AND 370 Azerite pieces get their first traits.
Once you kill her on Mythic, all Azerite pieces of Item Level 385 or lower get their first traits unlocked.

As you progress through Uldir, and kill bosses like for example Vectis or Mythrax, you unlock more traits like ring 2 and 3. Killing G’huun will unlock the Final trait, given you have the achievement for killing the other 7 bosses.

What does this all mean?

It means that your character progresses through the raid, without the need to loot items at all. If you’re coming into the raid fresh, your character will have item level 345 Azerite pieces from the Mythic Dungeons you did in the weeks before Uldir. Simply killing the bosses on Normal will reward the players with the new traits for higher Azerite armor that they may have looted. Did they not? That’s part of the game sadly, you don’t ALWAYS get the loot that you want, it’s how things have worked for many many years, it’s nothing new.
However, once you do loot those items, they will immidiately be Item Level 360, which is a nice stepping stone up to Heroic.

The Pros:

More streamlined progression without the need for players to grind their bones to dust for more traits through the Azerite necklace.
Alt friendly, as the achievements for killing bosses could be made account wide, giving all new characters access to these powerful traits, making them able to step into any level at a faster pace.
More fun and enjoyment as a result of feeling rewarded for killing bosses of an adequate difficulty. If you find yourself in a guild that does normal, then killing the boss on normal will give you a sense of reward, even if you didn’t receive any Azerite armor. After all, maybe it’ll drop next week!

The cons:

-This system makes the Azerite Necklace near irrelevant. Grinding AP will only cause the neck to go up item levels, not gain you any traits like it does on live, which punishes those that want to grind towards a more rewarding goal.
-This idea works in a world centered around PvE content. However, with PvP being a thing, are PvP’ers going to feel forced to clear a raid to get traits on their gear? Perhaps it should be locked behind getting higher rating in PvP?
But then how will that overlap with PvE? Will 2400 rated players become more powerful than mythic raiders because they unlock more powerful gear at a faster rate, causing PvE players to feel forced into doing PvP at a high level? Or will it balance out?

My point of this post is that I want to see the Azerite system succeed. It has potential to work in great ways, but currently it feels like the only way to make it fair to people is by nerfing the outliers, causing classes to straight up lose 5-15% of their damage, depending on the scale of the nerf. This causes people to be forced to hope for different Azerite pieces on an almost WEEKLY basis.
I for one now need to hope that my next Azerite piece will have Dagger in the Back as one of its traits, else it might not be strong enough to replace my soon to be nerfed Swift Roundhouse traits. But then what? Is Dagger in the Back gonna be nerfed next week? What’s the best trait by then? With no way to farm high Item level Azerite, it currently feels like we’re being forced to play with the hand that we’re dealt. But if I need to grind another Quazillion AP through island expeditions to get the traits on those pieces, only to replace them with even higher pieces with even higher requirements, then where does it stop? Will we ever press that beautiful middle ring trait? Or will a new tier have released by then?
I never got to touch the inner ring on my mythic dungeon gear, and I’m still ways off to use it on my heroic gear. This week we’re going into mythic! If I loot an Azerite piece, it adds more required traits! Will the carrot ever stop being moved? We can only wait and see.



If you made it this far, thank you for reading my post. I really do want the best for the game, and I’m not one to say I’m gonna quit or reroll in a serious manner. I love this game and its players (well, most of them), and I only wish for it last as long as possible, and stay playable as long as possible. But with the current state, it’s hard to look through the forest of problems that we have to deal with every reset. I only hope that things will improve as time goes on. They usually do, so why not now?

Screenshots of logs are courtesy of, which I use myself to see what items are good for my character. The site is regularly updated, and is worth checking out if you’re unsure whether or not certain things are upgrades.

Until next time, Tasogare signing off. Back to grinding island expeditions!

My History in WoW, so far.

As I wrote in the tweet that I posted in response to @TheFussypants, I have left guilds of a similar nature to the one they were in. While I’ve never really considered posting this, (In fact I got WordPress just to make this post and I figured no one would care anyway) I decided it was about time I wrote my own story of my time in WoW so far, although certain guild moments will be highlighted as well.

—————-1) MoP Times, and the start of the journey.—————-

It all started on a beautiful sunny day during Mists of Pandaria (JK IT WAS RAINING).
A friend of mine, at the time we were both in highschool, poked me about playing WoW. At this time I knew what it was (who doesn’t) but I always thought that that was a game that was so addicting you wouldn’t be able to step away from it (it holds true for me). Because I cared more about my education than playing a game like that, I initially had my doubts. Needless to say, 2 hours after school ended for the day I was downloading the game at home. TOOK ME THREE FULL DAYS BY THE WAY, IT WAS ON EVEN DURING THE NIGHT!

Regardless, I started playing. I made a Tauren druid. Shocker, right? Not a Pandaren and not a Gnome. In fact I was still in the mindset that the Horde was “Super badass” and that the Alliance was “For wimps because lol Humans in a fantasy game”.

At first I really enjoyed my time as a druid. I levelled up rather slowly, and the moment I saw people on amazing looking mounts, flying around Thunder Bluff and Orgrimmar. I knew I wanted to be a mount collector one day. That showed when I stopped levelling at 83 to grind netherwing rep in Outland’s Southern Shadowmoon Valley. Ganked a lot, but I kept going. I needed those drakes in my life. Through it all, me and my friend sticked together like glue throughout our levelling.

Skipping ahead, I went to join my friend in a small group of players one day to do my very first raid, Mogu-Shan Vaults (Guess where my twitter handle comes from).

It was an amazing experience, and I remember well doing the Spirit Kings encounter. Now know that at this time, I had never raided before, and WoW was my very first MMO. After the boss fell and loot was given away, the group found themselves sitting on a polearm (Screaming Tiger, Qiang’s Unbreakable Polearm) that no one needed. Immediately, I spoke up: “I’ll take it for Transmog!” That weapon stuck with me throughout MoP, as well as WoD, only to be ruined in Legion, with the new sheathing animation being with the blade up rather than down. You served me well.

I suppose it should’ve been a sign. Screaming Tiger. Windwalker Monk. It calls to you Taso, answer the call!

So naturally, I rerolled.

To Retribution Paladin.


Yea I know. So pretty much what turned out to be the truth during a ToT run, was that I was UTTER GARBAGE at balance druid. Sure, I didn’t die, but I didn’t do any real dps either! The group I did MSV with went to Alliance, and I followed suit. After all, they were the only people that would ever invite me to a raid.

I rerolled on Frostmane EU, where I still play today. Now I also ended up going to Argent Dawn for a while but that’s irrelevant. I joined their guild, and once again (slowly) levelled to 90. By the time I got there, I found no place to raid with them. At this time, Siege of Orgrimmar was around the corner. I left the guild to join my friend in a more social guild.

Or rather, a cesspool guild. At this point I didn’t really get to do any raiding, spending my time by levelling alts and focusing more on my education, one of the alts being a small, harmless, level 43 Windwalker Monk by the name of Tasogare. Until, on a lucky break, I recruited a friend. Suddenly the levelling went miles faster! I levelled a warrior with him, but what to do with these free giftable levels?

That’s right. Tasogare never levelled above 43. She was boosted all the way to 85.

I started playing my monk again. Suddenly, the class felt so much cooler than the boring spinning crane kick spam I did in Dire Maul! I knew at that point, that one day this would become my main.

I got back into raiding on my Paladin with Siege finally releasing. I got my legendary cloak, and!…fell back into not getting to raid. I ended up making a small 10-man team from members in the cesspool guild, and we spent three (!) months to progress Garrosh alone. Another friend I recruited during the downtime before siege was our raid leader at the time, and we were pretty proud of what we managed to accomplish.

Shortly after, the players started to take it a lot more seriously. To a good effect, mind you!
A few weeks after we cleared Garrosh, a few members from that old guild (the one that transferred to Alliance) came to us, asking if we would like to try out heroic (the old Mythic)
We accepted, and that night we killed not only Norushen but also Galakras on Heroic! At this time I was still playing my paladin. While at first I was hesitant to actually join back, some drama in our raid team caused me to be pretty much forced to leave, and this was when my monk got her legendary cloak.

I made the right decision to leave, but it didn’t come without its drawbacks.

Sure, I got to play my monk, and sure, I got to do what I wanted to, which was raid “Mythic”. But the GM was an ass.
If you’re reading this, I don’t apologize for that comment. You’re an ass. You wouldn’t let me log my alt warrior for an alt run of heroic, because it was “too low Item level” even though it was 559, which is higher than the 553 ilvl items that dropped, or “your monk needs to help out you can pug on your warrior” Yet you had no issue taking a more longstanding member’s 500 ilvl alt. I didn’t even get to get my Garrosh Heirlooms on half my characters when we were facerolling the place on Normal. This “attitude” was without respect towards me, someone who went through hell and back when needed, just to prove how loyal I was to the guild.

So I left that guild, near the end of MoP, and joined another guild. No regret, although I did like a lot of its members. Turns out we would meet again sooner than expected.

—————-2) WoD Times, and the rise of real mythic raiding.—————–

WoD started out pretty amazing. I got to 100 after a week of lagging out due to that catastrophe of a launch. I remember waking up early the first day to start racing to 100, only to be greeted by an infinite amount of uncuttable trees, and avoiding mobs. Pretty bummed out, to say the least. Highmaul came around, and I sticked to my guns (or rather, fist weapons). After a few weeks of progress, we got Imperator Mar’Gok on what we now call Heroic. Pretty awesome fight by the way, I sure love being forced to have 6 healers in a small group just to survive the fight. But it’s very pretty! Lots of colors and all that!

Most of the loot I could use went to an officer in the new guild. I got the scraps and lived off of rerolls. One day, I found myself pugging a Normal run for Highmaul, and what do you know…my old guild. Or well, what’s left of it. Turned out the old GM “jumped ship” to go raid in some top end guild, leaving its members to be about their own business.

The same guild, but without the GM…Hmm…

I wanted to go back, and back I went. I left on good terms with this guild, but behind my back one of the officers, the one who went about distributing loot, was talking shit about me. Called me a Loot-stealing Guildleech, or something along those lines. I don’t remember well, I tend to forget about people who I couldn’t care less about.

We stuck together until BRF in this guild we called <The Rift>, where the guild encountered issues in both attendance rate and player “skill” as people simply didn’t do enough damage or healing, depending on what was more annoying to have. Both Blackhand, as well as the nightmarish Blast Furnace, were horrendous. In fact, Blackhand didn’t fall to this guild at all! We split once more, and I went to join a guild where I actually have good memories from, a guild named <Celerity>. This was to be my first REAL taste of mythic raiding, and we progressed to 5/10 over the course of six weeks, which was an amazing feat for me personally. Then, summer rolled around, and half our raid team vanished like snow. I don’t know why, but I don’t hold a grudge for them dissappearing. After all, we had been on Kromog for…4 weeks. Yeah. Not pretty.

This guild fell apart, and off I went to the next one. I was starting to feel like I was cursed. Every guild I touched, fell apart.

Surely, this is the one: <Hombres>, a guild of good players, who even killed Blackhand Mythic before the Cutting Edge Achievement went away! This is the one!…Were it not for Gorefiend.

Mythic Hellfire Citadel. To be fair, I was but a simple backup raider, which was to say, if x person can’t make it, you can join in his place since you’re good enough, we just don’t have room in the raid team for now. I was fine with this, enjoyed it even. The most relaxed way to raid mythic, sit and wait for someone to be pre-occupied, then snag some loot and kick back and relax again. However, Mythic Gorefiend had other plans.

Much like Blast Furnace from Blackrock Foundry, Gorefiend was an absolute Nightmare. Individual responsibility. *SHUDDERS* Attempting to manage spirits turned out to be crushing more spirit rather than saving it. Like many guilds who hit Mythic Gorefiend, Hombres dipped their hats, and walked off towards the setting sun. again I was guildless, again I was frustrated and felt cursed. Sure, I got some kills, but what good would it do if no guild would have me?!

I quit raiding once more, and joined a friend I made in a quiet, empty guild for the time being, to prepare for Legion, which was already announced at this point.

And then…I met them again. The same people from <The Rift>! Or rather, one of them. A balance druid named Zarkrian. I literally found him randomly while running around in Stormwind. I noticed his name, and recognized him from BRF, as well as all the way back in MoP. He recognized me too, and asked if I wanted to raid mythic again. I was hesitant, told him that “it’ll just crumble in a matter of months”. Appropriately for him, he told me to “stop being a pussy”. At first I knew it was just to poke fun, and he left it at that, saying that if I ever changed my mind, that I should poke him. A few weeks later, I joined him in the guild <EmptyPromises>. Even typing the name puts a smile on my face. Oh, the fun we had. And how it all came crashing down. To be fair to them, this was the guild that I stuck with the longest, lasting all the way until the end of Nighthold, where I finally took my last characters out of there. But, we’re still playing WoD! So back to HFC we go, and Tyrant Velhari is the boss I would have my trial on. Needless to say, I messed up on occassion, who doesn’t? It’s how it goes. > < This was our kill video. Never before was I so overjoyed to kill a boss. That is, until we got to Archimonde.

This was it. The final boss of the expansion, on the highest difficulty! (sure we had around 740 ilvl so we were slightly outgearing it and we had our legendary rings maxed out) We were damn proud coming out of the instance with that sweet “Defiler’s end” next to our names. > < (Yes it starts at 20 seconds in)

But now we had our taste. The guild wanted more than just mythic.

We wanted realm first.

—————-3) Legion times and the end of the line.—————-

So, reality struck as Legion hit and we realized a lot of people in the guild were…not…really good. So how do we compensate?

Let’s raid 7 days a week.

Oh yes, the feared No-life raid all day lifestyle. We went into the expansion with what would’ve been a good plan. Get three characters ready for Emerald Nightmare, split-run and get our mains geared to the teeth for mythic the next week.

Except this is Legion. And Legion brought with it the Mythic+ System. One month and 1.5 million gold or more per member spent on gear and other things, and there we stood. In front of Mythic Xavius, as the first guild on the realm. At this point we knew we had the realm first, as Security, the until then ruling guild of the realm, was still on Cenarius. However, progress on Xavius, short as it was, didn’t come without the now common bickering and arguing between one of our tanks, and the GM / raid leader. Once the boss fell, and we saw that achievement pop up in chat, we cheered, we laughed and congratulated each other.

And then the rage began. The GM went ham on the tank, and while it was deserved anger, everyone was so surprised by the sudden outburst that we didn’t even take a good screenshot. Hell, even the recording has been lost. We don’t even have a kill vid. I knew, right there, that this would only get worse as time went on. Throw with it that fact that I was jobless at this time and there’s my excuse for quitting Mythic, possibly forever.

Both the sour atmosphere as well as IRL responsibilities caused me to make my leave.

I left the guild shortly after ToV came out on some of my chars, moving them back to the guild they were in during the time between Hombres and EmptyPromises: Firestorm.

You see, we had the plan to enjoy Legion with all our IRL and met-ingame friends. That’s what Firestorm was. On nights where I wasn’t raiding with EmptyPromises, I joined Firestorm’s team to help out with their EN progress on both normal and heroic.


I knew that Security was doing mythic+ rather than split raiding, and I knew that, in the long run, they were the better players. After all, they only raided 2-3 days a week, and still kept up with EmptyPromises’ 7 days.

In Trial of Valor, it showed that I made the right choice, with Security taking not only the realm first on Helya, but also the only Pre-nerf kill the realm would see, the night before the nerf came in. EP would kill Helya the next day, after a grand total of 800+ wipes. The roster broke apart, the good players left to join better guilds, leaving the remaining people who cared more about raiding with the guild than a high rank to stay here.

It wouldn’t last long.

EP recovered during Nighthold, keeping up good progress, with Security close behind them. They were progressing Gul’Dan, and got to 30% before some members once again left. This time, it was the guild <Pieces> On Draenor EU, who poached those players to join them. Once again, EP lost the realm first to Security, and once again, they were laughed at by the majority of the realm.

They decided to move realm, to Twisting Nether, and thus, to Horde. Anything I say now is just the things that I’ve heard. EP fell apart at Aggramar Mythic, and what remained of their original HFC roster was down to 3-4 players. The guild crumbled, and members left for all kinds of other guilds. I wish them all the best.

And we’re back. Nothing has really changed in Firestorm since, aside from new players joining us along the way, both experienced and inexperienced. We’re going into BFA with a positive ( =)) ) attitude, and the atmosphere during our raids stays fun for most of it, aside from the much needed seriousness. I got to raid-lead during Tomb of Sargeras, which was probably the most difficult time for the guild during this expansion. Saying goodbye to mythic was my best decision I made in Legion, and I enjoy my time with Firestorm. If you ever meet anyone from our guild, make sure to say hi!

And that’s it so far, I think. Became a lot more than just talking about guilds, huh. Anyhow, I hope you enjoyed reading it if you got this far.

If there was one person I’d have to thank for this journey so far, I’d thank not one, but two people: Zarkrian and Skolmo(or Goob as we call him). Though you’re both playing on Horde as of right now, you’re the two I enjoyed raiding with most of all. I hope that when BFA rolls around, you both go for those high ranks you want, you’re amazing players.

Don’t take it to heart, Seth. Firestorm has become my home, and it’s thanks to you and everyone else that I may call it that. If I’m gonna thank more people I’m gonna hit the cap soon.