My History in WoW, so far.

As I wrote in the tweet that I posted in response to @TheFussypants, I have left guilds of a similar nature to the one they were in. While I’ve never really considered posting this, (In fact I got WordPress just to make this post and I figured no one would care anyway) I decided it was about time I wrote my own story of my time in WoW so far, although certain guild moments will be highlighted as well.

—————-1) MoP Times, and the start of the journey.—————-

It all started on a beautiful sunny day during Mists of Pandaria (JK IT WAS RAINING).
A friend of mine, at the time we were both in highschool, poked me about playing WoW. At this time I knew what it was (who doesn’t) but I always thought that that was a game that was so addicting you wouldn’t be able to step away from it (it holds true for me). Because I cared more about my education than playing a game like that, I initially had my doubts. Needless to say, 2 hours after school ended for the day I was downloading the game at home. TOOK ME THREE FULL DAYS BY THE WAY, IT WAS ON EVEN DURING THE NIGHT!

Regardless, I started playing. I made a Tauren druid. Shocker, right? Not a Pandaren and not a Gnome. In fact I was still in the mindset that the Horde was “Super badass” and that the Alliance was “For wimps because lol Humans in a fantasy game”.

At first I really enjoyed my time as a druid. I levelled up rather slowly, and the moment I saw people on amazing looking mounts, flying around Thunder Bluff and Orgrimmar. I knew I wanted to be a mount collector one day. That showed when I stopped levelling at 83 to grind netherwing rep in Outland’s Southern Shadowmoon Valley. Ganked a lot, but I kept going. I needed those drakes in my life. Through it all, me and my friend sticked together like glue throughout our levelling.

Skipping ahead, I went to join my friend in a small group of players one day to do my very first raid, Mogu-Shan Vaults (Guess where my twitter handle comes from).

It was an amazing experience, and I remember well doing the Spirit Kings encounter. Now know that at this time, I had never raided before, and WoW was my very first MMO. After the boss fell and loot was given away, the group found themselves sitting on a polearm (Screaming Tiger, Qiang’s Unbreakable Polearm) that no one needed. Immediately, I spoke up: “I’ll take it for Transmog!” That weapon stuck with me throughout MoP, as well as WoD, only to be ruined in Legion, with the new sheathing animation being with the blade up rather than down. You served me well.

I suppose it should’ve been a sign. Screaming Tiger. Windwalker Monk. It calls to you Taso, answer the call!

So naturally, I rerolled.

To Retribution Paladin.


Yea I know. So pretty much what turned out to be the truth during a ToT run, was that I was UTTER GARBAGE at balance druid. Sure, I didn’t die, but I didn’t do any real dps either! The group I did MSV with went to Alliance, and I followed suit. After all, they were the only people that would ever invite me to a raid.

I rerolled on Frostmane EU, where I still play today. Now I also ended up going to Argent Dawn for a while but that’s irrelevant. I joined their guild, and once again (slowly) levelled to 90. By the time I got there, I found no place to raid with them. At this time, Siege of Orgrimmar was around the corner. I left the guild to join my friend in a more social guild.

Or rather, a cesspool guild. At this point I didn’t really get to do any raiding, spending my time by levelling alts and focusing more on my education, one of the alts being a small, harmless, level 43 Windwalker Monk by the name of Tasogare. Until, on a lucky break, I recruited a friend. Suddenly the levelling went miles faster! I levelled a warrior with him, but what to do with these free giftable levels?

That’s right. Tasogare never levelled above 43. She was boosted all the way to 85.

I started playing my monk again. Suddenly, the class felt so much cooler than the boring spinning crane kick spam I did in Dire Maul! I knew at that point, that one day this would become my main.

I got back into raiding on my Paladin with Siege finally releasing. I got my legendary cloak, and!…fell back into not getting to raid. I ended up making a small 10-man team from members in the cesspool guild, and we spent three (!) months to progress Garrosh alone. Another friend I recruited during the downtime before siege was our raid leader at the time, and we were pretty proud of what we managed to accomplish.

Shortly after, the players started to take it a lot more seriously. To a good effect, mind you!
A few weeks after we cleared Garrosh, a few members from that old guild (the one that transferred to Alliance) came to us, asking if we would like to try out heroic (the old Mythic)
We accepted, and that night we killed not only Norushen but also Galakras on Heroic! At this time I was still playing my paladin. While at first I was hesitant to actually join back, some drama in our raid team caused me to be pretty much forced to leave, and this was when my monk got her legendary cloak.

I made the right decision to leave, but it didn’t come without its drawbacks.

Sure, I got to play my monk, and sure, I got to do what I wanted to, which was raid “Mythic”. But the GM was an ass.
If you’re reading this, I don’t apologize for that comment. You’re an ass. You wouldn’t let me log my alt warrior for an alt run of heroic, because it was “too low Item level” even though it was 559, which is higher than the 553 ilvl items that dropped, or “your monk needs to help out you can pug on your warrior” Yet you had no issue taking a more longstanding member’s 500 ilvl alt. I didn’t even get to get my Garrosh Heirlooms on half my characters when we were facerolling the place on Normal. This “attitude” was without respect towards me, someone who went through hell and back when needed, just to prove how loyal I was to the guild.

So I left that guild, near the end of MoP, and joined another guild. No regret, although I did like a lot of its members. Turns out we would meet again sooner than expected.

—————-2) WoD Times, and the rise of real mythic raiding.—————–

WoD started out pretty amazing. I got to 100 after a week of lagging out due to that catastrophe of a launch. I remember waking up early the first day to start racing to 100, only to be greeted by an infinite amount of uncuttable trees, and avoiding mobs. Pretty bummed out, to say the least. Highmaul came around, and I sticked to my guns (or rather, fist weapons). After a few weeks of progress, we got Imperator Mar’Gok on what we now call Heroic. Pretty awesome fight by the way, I sure love being forced to have 6 healers in a small group just to survive the fight. But it’s very pretty! Lots of colors and all that!

Most of the loot I could use went to an officer in the new guild. I got the scraps and lived off of rerolls. One day, I found myself pugging a Normal run for Highmaul, and what do you know…my old guild. Or well, what’s left of it. Turned out the old GM “jumped ship” to go raid in some top end guild, leaving its members to be about their own business.

The same guild, but without the GM…Hmm…

I wanted to go back, and back I went. I left on good terms with this guild, but behind my back one of the officers, the one who went about distributing loot, was talking shit about me. Called me a Loot-stealing Guildleech, or something along those lines. I don’t remember well, I tend to forget about people who I couldn’t care less about.

We stuck together until BRF in this guild we called <The Rift>, where the guild encountered issues in both attendance rate and player “skill” as people simply didn’t do enough damage or healing, depending on what was more annoying to have. Both Blackhand, as well as the nightmarish Blast Furnace, were horrendous. In fact, Blackhand didn’t fall to this guild at all! We split once more, and I went to join a guild where I actually have good memories from, a guild named <Celerity>. This was to be my first REAL taste of mythic raiding, and we progressed to 5/10 over the course of six weeks, which was an amazing feat for me personally. Then, summer rolled around, and half our raid team vanished like snow. I don’t know why, but I don’t hold a grudge for them dissappearing. After all, we had been on Kromog for…4 weeks. Yeah. Not pretty.

This guild fell apart, and off I went to the next one. I was starting to feel like I was cursed. Every guild I touched, fell apart.

Surely, this is the one: <Hombres>, a guild of good players, who even killed Blackhand Mythic before the Cutting Edge Achievement went away! This is the one!…Were it not for Gorefiend.

Mythic Hellfire Citadel. To be fair, I was but a simple backup raider, which was to say, if x person can’t make it, you can join in his place since you’re good enough, we just don’t have room in the raid team for now. I was fine with this, enjoyed it even. The most relaxed way to raid mythic, sit and wait for someone to be pre-occupied, then snag some loot and kick back and relax again. However, Mythic Gorefiend had other plans.

Much like Blast Furnace from Blackrock Foundry, Gorefiend was an absolute Nightmare. Individual responsibility. *SHUDDERS* Attempting to manage spirits turned out to be crushing more spirit rather than saving it. Like many guilds who hit Mythic Gorefiend, Hombres dipped their hats, and walked off towards the setting sun. again I was guildless, again I was frustrated and felt cursed. Sure, I got some kills, but what good would it do if no guild would have me?!

I quit raiding once more, and joined a friend I made in a quiet, empty guild for the time being, to prepare for Legion, which was already announced at this point.

And then…I met them again. The same people from <The Rift>! Or rather, one of them. A balance druid named Zarkrian. I literally found him randomly while running around in Stormwind. I noticed his name, and recognized him from BRF, as well as all the way back in MoP. He recognized me too, and asked if I wanted to raid mythic again. I was hesitant, told him that “it’ll just crumble in a matter of months”. Appropriately for him, he told me to “stop being a pussy”. At first I knew it was just to poke fun, and he left it at that, saying that if I ever changed my mind, that I should poke him. A few weeks later, I joined him in the guild <EmptyPromises>. Even typing the name puts a smile on my face. Oh, the fun we had. And how it all came crashing down. To be fair to them, this was the guild that I stuck with the longest, lasting all the way until the end of Nighthold, where I finally took my last characters out of there. But, we’re still playing WoD! So back to HFC we go, and Tyrant Velhari is the boss I would have my trial on. Needless to say, I messed up on occassion, who doesn’t? It’s how it goes. > < This was our kill video. Never before was I so overjoyed to kill a boss. That is, until we got to Archimonde.

This was it. The final boss of the expansion, on the highest difficulty! (sure we had around 740 ilvl so we were slightly outgearing it and we had our legendary rings maxed out) We were damn proud coming out of the instance with that sweet “Defiler’s end” next to our names. > < (Yes it starts at 20 seconds in)

But now we had our taste. The guild wanted more than just mythic.

We wanted realm first.

—————-3) Legion times and the end of the line.—————-

So, reality struck as Legion hit and we realized a lot of people in the guild were…not…really good. So how do we compensate?

Let’s raid 7 days a week.

Oh yes, the feared No-life raid all day lifestyle. We went into the expansion with what would’ve been a good plan. Get three characters ready for Emerald Nightmare, split-run and get our mains geared to the teeth for mythic the next week.

Except this is Legion. And Legion brought with it the Mythic+ System. One month and 1.5 million gold or more per member spent on gear and other things, and there we stood. In front of Mythic Xavius, as the first guild on the realm. At this point we knew we had the realm first, as Security, the until then ruling guild of the realm, was still on Cenarius. However, progress on Xavius, short as it was, didn’t come without the now common bickering and arguing between one of our tanks, and the GM / raid leader. Once the boss fell, and we saw that achievement pop up in chat, we cheered, we laughed and congratulated each other.

And then the rage began. The GM went ham on the tank, and while it was deserved anger, everyone was so surprised by the sudden outburst that we didn’t even take a good screenshot. Hell, even the recording has been lost. We don’t even have a kill vid. I knew, right there, that this would only get worse as time went on. Throw with it that fact that I was jobless at this time and there’s my excuse for quitting Mythic, possibly forever.

Both the sour atmosphere as well as IRL responsibilities caused me to make my leave.

I left the guild shortly after ToV came out on some of my chars, moving them back to the guild they were in during the time between Hombres and EmptyPromises: Firestorm.

You see, we had the plan to enjoy Legion with all our IRL and met-ingame friends. That’s what Firestorm was. On nights where I wasn’t raiding with EmptyPromises, I joined Firestorm’s team to help out with their EN progress on both normal and heroic.


I knew that Security was doing mythic+ rather than split raiding, and I knew that, in the long run, they were the better players. After all, they only raided 2-3 days a week, and still kept up with EmptyPromises’ 7 days.

In Trial of Valor, it showed that I made the right choice, with Security taking not only the realm first on Helya, but also the only Pre-nerf kill the realm would see, the night before the nerf came in. EP would kill Helya the next day, after a grand total of 800+ wipes. The roster broke apart, the good players left to join better guilds, leaving the remaining people who cared more about raiding with the guild than a high rank to stay here.

It wouldn’t last long.

EP recovered during Nighthold, keeping up good progress, with Security close behind them. They were progressing Gul’Dan, and got to 30% before some members once again left. This time, it was the guild <Pieces> On Draenor EU, who poached those players to join them. Once again, EP lost the realm first to Security, and once again, they were laughed at by the majority of the realm.

They decided to move realm, to Twisting Nether, and thus, to Horde. Anything I say now is just the things that I’ve heard. EP fell apart at Aggramar Mythic, and what remained of their original HFC roster was down to 3-4 players. The guild crumbled, and members left for all kinds of other guilds. I wish them all the best.

And we’re back. Nothing has really changed in Firestorm since, aside from new players joining us along the way, both experienced and inexperienced. We’re going into BFA with a positive ( =)) ) attitude, and the atmosphere during our raids stays fun for most of it, aside from the much needed seriousness. I got to raid-lead during Tomb of Sargeras, which was probably the most difficult time for the guild during this expansion. Saying goodbye to mythic was my best decision I made in Legion, and I enjoy my time with Firestorm. If you ever meet anyone from our guild, make sure to say hi!

And that’s it so far, I think. Became a lot more than just talking about guilds, huh. Anyhow, I hope you enjoyed reading it if you got this far.

If there was one person I’d have to thank for this journey so far, I’d thank not one, but two people: Zarkrian and Skolmo(or Goob as we call him). Though you’re both playing on Horde as of right now, you’re the two I enjoyed raiding with most of all. I hope that when BFA rolls around, you both go for those high ranks you want, you’re amazing players.

Don’t take it to heart, Seth. Firestorm has become my home, and it’s thanks to you and everyone else that I may call it that. If I’m gonna thank more people I’m gonna hit the cap soon.

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