Z and Cinder’s Interrogatio- I mean blog challenge, yes, haha…


Heck. Should’ve woken up earlier and missed it. Guess I’ll use this blog for something fun for a change ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

To make things more fun, I’ve done the questions for both me as a player, as well as for Taso, my main character, a Pandaren Windwalker Monk.

Ladies first, so Taso takes the spotlight.

1: Taso mainly drinks brew in her offtime from work (she’s a smith IC’ly!) But if she does ever have a calming cup of tea, she’d have it with loads of sugar and the tea itself would be a fruity flavor. She hates herbs.

2: Definitely Kul’Tiramisu. She’s not even Alliance. She’ll disguise as one just to get her fix.

3: Winter. It reminds her of the past, of the times she and her partner were still together. There’s one specific part of that you’ll get to see in the future as a commission.

4: Finishing up pieces of armor and weaponry in the forge. Nothing gets her more excited than that. She regularly spends her off-time making more armor for herself, just for fun.

5: Cats all the way. She loves dogs, but if she had to choose…yeah.

6: A place far away from the war, where she can forget about all the horrible things in the recent years.

7: She’s not really one for kids. She used to love hanging out with the younger temple students back in Pandaria and teach them a bit after training sessions, but aside from that she can’t see herself having children.

8: Lightning and cloudy weather. She loves laying in bed at night listening to the thunder crashing in the distance.

9: Her last meal would be a simple one. A plate of meat (Durotar steak!) Some vegetables on the side (from Pandaria) and a big tankard of brew.

10: She’d go back in time to the point where her partner fell into a volcano during a hiking trip in Frostfire Ridge and prevent that from happening.

11: She would haunt the person who blamed her for her partner’s death, forcing her to throw away her happy life to join the Horde.

12: Her ancestors were priests to Yu’lon and Chi’Ji all the way up to and including her Grandmother. Her parents were fishermen.

13: Losing another loved person. Nothing else is really something that would scare her, except people suddenly being close to her. And I guess she’s afraid of dying.

14: For not dying in the snow of Frostfire while bleeding from her hands. She was saved by a Horde soldier that was patrolling the area.

15: She already has her dream job: She always wanted to be a smith when she was a kid.

16: She knows they’re real. After all, The world is full with those Draenei and Orcs, let alone the more…threatening things like Old Gods and Demons (rip lmao).

17: Does sleeping count as a sport? I guess she likes to swim a bit too, sometimes.

18: Mostly by drinking a load of brew and then straight to bed.

19: She would like to meet the first Guided Cub. She’s always looked up to them as some sort of example to follow, to be the best she can possibly be.

20: She’d teach the ways of smithing, or if something more generalised, the martial arts that she was taught in her own youth.

21: A day off. Curse this infernal forge tbh.

22: A guided cub that’s been cursed to be emotionally unstable, only to be freed from it and then thrown into a factional war. Good times ahead.

23: She loves chatting with a warrior at her workplace, Jadely Dawnleaf. She stutters a lot, which makes Taso giggle from time to time depending on what gets repeated.

24: Time travel. There’s so many things that she’d like to change, regardless of the repercussions.

25: Red pandas who aren’t as highly intellectually advanced as herself. You see, you need a high IQ to understand Pandaren. Their culture is obviously derived from-
(No but for real how do Red Pandas exist in a world where Red Pandaren exist? Did they miss the evolutionary train or what)

She’d also love ducks. You know. If they existed.

26: Breaking her curse around 20 years of suffering from it.

Additionally: Making her Masterpiece at the forge. Hasn’t happened yet. All previous masterpieces have either been destroyed or broken in one way or another.


Right, that wasn’t even that bad. Now it’s my turn *SWEATS*

1: I literally despise tea. If I had to it’d be similar to Taso: Fruity with loads of sugar.

2: I love this very specific chocolate dessert with whipped cream on it that I sometimes get at the supermarket when I’m really in for one, but aside from that there’s not a real *Favorite* I like loads of desserts!

3: Fall, probably. I love the way the world looks when all the leaves have Mcfallen from the trees. Maybe I watched too much anime when I was in high school.

4: Anything really. I’m easy to get excited about things. I can watch a video that is complete nonsense and not funny to most people and I’ll laugh my ass off twice in one minute.

5: Cats. Same as Taso: if I have to choose, I’d pick the one that I love more than the other.

6: My dream holiday consists of visiting every place where I have friends, to meet them, say hi, hug them, whatever really. I just want to thank every single person that I’ve had the pleasure of being friends with so far.

7: I don’t think I’ll really ever HAVE kids, but just having 1 single kid would probably be fun. And something to be proud of once they grow up!

8: ANYTHING THAT DOESN’T MAKE NOISE. Seriously, I HATE rain. I sleep in a room where the roof is diagonal, so the rain clatters and rams onto the windows at night, not to mention hailstorms and the like.

9: I’ve never really thought about it. I guess it’d be just any dish that I really like. If I’d have to be specific, it’d be French fries, probably a saté Schnitzel, because oh my god I love saté and Schnitzels, and then most likely a small salad with it, just to have a fresh bit in there 🙂

10: I’d go back in time to when WoW first came out and tell my parents, yes, go play it, stop doubting. Go farm me some T3 while I go to school, so I can have your account later and be the coolest kid in town *sunglasses emoji here*

11: Uhhhhhh…I’d probably haunt whatever house I lived in before I died, and you’ll constantly hear that part of one of Videogamedunkey’s videos where he says: “This is like when you get to play as the mansion in Luigi’s Mansion. Boo!”

12: I derive from a part Dutch part German ancestry. My Great-grandmother was the last full-blood german in our family tree. I haven’t really gotten the chance to speak to most family members since they’ve either died when I was still really young, or they never contact us (I have more family in Germany if you jump through 1000 hoops if you get what I mean.) Most of the family I know is just Dutchborn Dutch raised.

13: Friends getting angry at me. I always feel like the whole world is crumbling whenever someone close to my heart gets angry with me, since most of my youth consisted of me having next to no friends. I treasure each and every single friend I have.

14: Two things: Being alive (cliché I know), and getting bullied from first grade all the way into second year in highschool. Silly as it may sound, it caused me to be the person I am today, as it caused me to be as much into games as I am, which in turn made me find all these people that became my friends! Sure I could’ve made friends here in the Netherlands, but let’s be real here. 90% of Dutch people my age (21) are high off their ass or drinking themselves to death or smoking cigarettes till you can pave a road with their lungs. I do none of those, so no thanks. I’d rather talk with people that have some sort of self-control when it comes to those things. No that’s not harsh.

15: Being a game developer in any way, shape or form. I’ll be the coffeeboy if I need to be. I just want to work in a game industry and be part of all that cool stuff we know and love. I’m super creative when it comes to concepts, I just can’t get them onto paper since I can’t draw at all.
But even if I apply for such a job (if it even exists) It’s gonna be like “Oh you need x years of work done. Oh you need this degree. And this degree. And that degree while you’re at it.” I sometimes wish I was born ten years earlier so I wouldn’t have to deal with it in the same fashion. My father got his job 30-odd years ago after applying and being told “Oh here you go you do this and that. Good luck.” Nowadays you need 3 degrees and then some for the EXACT SAME JOB as 30 years ago. Drives me nuts.

16: I mean, I like to believe they exist. But all those theories and stories you hear and see on television seem like utter nonsense. One in particular with an airplane full of passengers getting lost, then reappearing a a few days later or something, and landing, then when it gets opened, everyone inside is a skeleton. Supposedly they’d have flown into a time rift or whatever. Yeah sure. Why was none of this ever on the news? Why do we only hear this 40 years after it’s happened?

17: I don’t really do sports anymore but I like watching Judo and Skeetshooting.

18: By playing games really, like with most things. I also enjoy reading, and writing stories myself, mainly RP stories about WoW.

19: I would love to meet Steven Hawking (does he count?). He always felt like he was such a strong person. The fact that he died recently hit me pretty hard, as that was really the only person I really thought was super cool. Rest in peace.

20: I’d most likely teach English. Only thing I’m good at lmao.

21: Much like Taso, days off are my perfect days. getting married would probably be a big thing too x)

22: Dumbass WoW player LF ways to get a good job that involves computers.

23: An old friend of mine, Barry, takes the top spot, but we haven’t talked in years. We kinda grew apart, I liked other things and well…we kinda just, stopped talking? We rarely ever talk, but we’ve never stopped being friends to eachother. I wonder how he’s doing.

Nowadays, I think my guildie, Yellowdevil (@Yellowdevil101 Shameless plug) makes me laugh the most. We’re like two sides of the same coin when it comes to what gets us laughing.

24: Power of persuasion so I can get Blizzard to listen and communicate to the community more and in better ways. People have great ideas to improve existing systems, but most look as if they’re not even considered or thrown aside. I know it’s most likely not the case, but recent things have made me have my doubts.

25: Surprise, it’s Red Pandas. My one single dream is to hold one before I die. they’re the cutest things in the world.

26: Passing high school I guess? (doesn’t feel like an accomplishment that final exam was a joke)

If I could exclude irl my biggest accomplishment would be either getting a top 100 world rank for Windwalker Monk all stars, or getting Realm First Xavius.


Yikes I’m hungry. Time for some good ol’ Sunday morning breakfast.

Thanks for reading! And thanks to Z and Cinder for the challenge, that was fun ^.^

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One thought on “Z and Cinder’s Interrogatio- I mean blog challenge, yes, haha…”

  1. I love that you did questions for your toon too! I feel exactly the same about Kul’Tiramisu as she does. Every food vendor in Ally world makes me hungry and wanting dessert then and there.
    My Druid carries around a stack of butter bikkies she picked up off a vendor just because they sound delicous.
    I got so sidetracked by food then… Lovely to meet you 🙂

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