Titanforging, Personal loot, and other reasons to stop trying. *SALT WARNING*

Pretty depressing title. Nice. It’s what the person who thought these were a good idea deserves.

Yes this post will be very salty and will contain my (very salted) opinion, you might disagree on things and that’s fine, people aren’t all the same and we all enjoy different things. This is after all me dropping words on the internet. It’s called the Ranting Ranch for a reason. Get used to it. Don’t take offense. Just read, or don’t. Have a good one.

Recently, my guild, Transcendent, which was 3/8 mythic and about a week of progress away from 4/8, has gone on hiatus for an unknown period of time. The reason? What else can we even do outside of a raid that doesn’t bore us out of our damn skulls? And it’s not like people were enjoying Mythic, judging by their absence without a notice upfront.

Mythic Raiding is not worth the effort anymore if you’re not pushing for a specific high rank in the world. If you play for your own personal progression on a character, just don’t bother. Do mythic plus all day. Just as rewarding, minimal effort, and it’s more fun realistically, especially if you like the new dungeons. Good luck recruiting and incentivizing for mythic guilds if the players know being bound to your rules vs doing m+ whenever for possibly the same if not better rewards.

I mean, it’s not like it’s super rare or anything, but good god do I get nauseous everytime I see this (which isn’t that often).

I’m personally completely done with mythic raiding as it stands. My guild is the same.

Our raid leader, who has been playing arms warrior for the entirety of the expansion so far, literally got his trinket from Vectis one week ago. That was three weeks AFTER we quit raiding. For more than 8 weeks of Uldir, the man did not get his trinket. Not from normal, not from heroic, not even from lfr. Every week he’d reroll heroic for them, and everytime someone else would get it. From a bonus roll, so they couldn’t trade it. Our DK got two from just looting the boss. First time he needed it himself and couldn’t trade it because highest ilvl trinket. Second time he got it, it was 5 ilvls higher and so he couldn’t trade it again. Sure love personal loot.

It’s hot garbage, honestly. You wanna put in this shit system? Be my guest. But take your grubby disgusting fingers off of my master loot. If OUR guild wants to run GUILD master loot, then who are you to tell us otherwise? Legion was and still is the best when it came to this supposed “issue”: You’re in a guild group? You can turn on master loot. You’re not? Then you’re bound to using personal. A good way to incentivise joining a guild if you think you’re worthy of getting a piece of loot, and aren’t just getting by drooling on your keyboard as you alt tab and watch the latest topic on youtube while doing lfr.

But here comes crybaby police Blizzard, with that good ol’ “we’re not giving a good reason to remove ML fuck you go jump off a cliff”. I can’t stand it. I’m better off going back to Argent Dawn and RP’ing my days in WoW away than to raid 2-5 days a week, spend the majority of the time wiping due to idiots that have a 200 wipe learning curve, only to get what? A crappy title (The Drustvar questline for Alliance gives a better title for god’s sake.) and maybe an ok-looking mount? Because loot sure ain’t dropping for me, and that +10 group is still declining me. I can just go pug normal or heroic for a day or two and have it all done. I can do Mythic next expansion for the transmog anyway.

What else is on this list? It’s pretty short considering nearly everything outside of raiding is irrelevant anyway.

PvP elite sets are a recolor of the Honorbound/7th Legion sets, so if you’re not wanting to rip your eyes out (like I do) from pvp’ing against a rogue mage priest comp for 80% of your games, and you don’t care about the color, just the look, just level some alts of the same armor type. Do the Warfront on all of them, and tadah! Elite-but-slightly-different-sets at your leisure! Takes zero effort by the way, just run back and forth between mines and lumber mill and collect mine carts and chop down half of Arathi’s forests, build the engineering workshop, send in 3 demo’s and spam repair them. Done. No combat required. Can’t wait to do the same in the next season for another set I can get from Warfronts all the same.

Wow Taso, you’re pretty salty about all this. Why not just stop playing?

Well my handsome reader, remind yourself that this is still WoW we’re talking about. I’ve been playing it for 7 years now, and I’m still playing it because I LOVE THIS WORLD. I want the best for it. I want people to enjoy raiding. Not throw it aside. I want to be able to enjoy every aspect of it, just like I did in Legion. The raiding was good, the Dungeons were good, the outer world was good. The PvP was…well to me it was fun, but PvP is always an opinion when it comes to gameplay. Like not being bound to the GCD or something like that.

What reason do I have to grind rep next patch? Paragon boxes for a pet? Sure, I’ll just drop 10k and buy one off of the AH in a year or two.

World quests for Azerite *WHEEZE* Not like I’m nearing trait 30 and don’t see a reason to grind for it. I can come back in a few weeks and run my island cap for two levels because of the catch-up mechanic. People sometimes say I rushed through everything, but that’s a big lie. I logged daily, yes. I played a lot, yes. But by no means did I skip, avoid, or exploited anything to get ahead faster than others. Even now I log in only once every 3 days (if at all) to do my Emissaries for some AP or Gear chance at BiS (lmao @world quests giving upgrades over heroic/mythic gear for some people), and I’m STILL ahead of people. And isn’t playing the game a lot the way it should be? Mythic plus offers replayability, but since they’ve tuned the dungeons to be more exciting to watch in the MDI (just look at all those annoying mechanics the dungeons have like self-fearing mobs and having to outrange/line of sight fears) it’s not quite as fun as the Legion dungeons.

There’s nothing weird about clearing the whole world map every day in the first weeks before Uldir, that’s what people do to show they’re doing their best to come in strong when a raid releases. That’s how they show they want the best for their guild. That’s what we did. Because we love this game, and the players we play it with.

But it was all for nought. The guild’s good as dead, and I’m stuck having to decide on what to do myself. Quitting is not an option. I don’t just quit a game if I know it can do better.

I think that about covers everything so far in BfA. If I did miss something, do let me know so I can edit this post to add more salt to the pile.

All I can hope for is that Tides of Vengeance will wash that salt away and make the game better again. And I truly do hope it will.


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