I haven’t quit WoW.

So, unless you’ve been sleeping under a rock or just haven’t checked my twitter page in a while, you may have noticed I’ve started playing Final Fantasy 14. I started about two weeks ago, after my computer had been fixed. Now I won’t go into details and praise FF for hours and shittalk wow for years, as I think we’ve all had enough negativity from me and the community about it. But I will say this.

I won’t quit playing wow. No matter how bad it gets.

I will take a break right now, sure, but I won’t ever stop playing it completely. Tasogare has been my main character for over 5 years, heading close to 7 now.


No way in hell would I throw away all the time and effort that I spent on this beautiful, awesome game. BfA has simply not been what I wanted it to be. I’m not repeating what I wrote last post.

When 8.2 comes out, of course I’ll check it out, and hey, my sub’s gonna be running until June or something, so I also have enough time to do Crucible of Storms and get that done. I’ll still be there every patch to check out new content, and I’m happy to continue doing that if the improvements I want don’t happen. WoW has become something special and close to my heart over the years. Even now, while I’m running around Eorzea on my Miqo’te, I still think to myself: “But it’s not WoW. It’s not Taso.” I know that might sound lame and stupid, but it is honestly how I feel about it. FF lets you do some amazing things, and lends itself very well for you to have fun, especially with friends.

But it doesn’t have my main character from WoW. I have a bunch of art of her (more next month stay tuned) and I would really just be logged on WoW just to run around with that character, which I have done on many occasions, not just in BfA, but all the time.

Over the last few years, I’ve also grown more attached to playing with my friends. They are what makes games fun to me. I have a good one or two friends left that actively play WoW that I talk to more than once in a blue moon. Final Fantasy on the other hand has the main core of friends I’ve been talking with pretty much ever since I started playing WoW all those years ago. Could I blame them for quitting? No. Would I eventually give in and start playing FF? Well…by the way guys there’s a Panda pet from a level 55 dungeon…I’m just saying.

Panda pet

That’s also probably why WoW has become a bit more boring to me. Raiding is still good, really. But seeing as Dazar’Alor left a sour taste in my mouth with how the scaling worked for smaller groups…fuck that noise. We couldn’t even do Grong heroic for the first reset we did just because our group was too small. That problem presented itself again on Conclave, where it demanded close kills due to minor fuckups. It’s heroic, but it felt like mythic on crack. One person dying oftentimes caused another person to die later on due to lack of combat ress, or cooldowns, or anything. Hell, our Mistweaver rerolled just so that we could have a druid to quickly ress instead of waiting for our Death Knight to get Runic Power. These are dumb issues you wouldn’t have with a bigger group. But I ain’t pugging anymore. I’m here to play with my friends, and if they’re not here…then eventually I’m gonna go after them.

As I said in previous posts, I. Love. WoW. I want the best for it. I’ve seen the thread that someone else posted on twitter, about how the game hasn’t changed. That would’ve been true if Legion released ten years ago, and thus artifacts and tier sets would still have been in the game. 8.2 is doing something to resolve the whole artifact issue, and I am interested enough to take a look anyway as I love the game’s story.

That’s gonna be it for this post, a lot more than I planned to write, but yeah.

In case you’re that person that wants to call that last bit about scaling “shittalking”: You have no idea what shittalking is. These are honest concerns for the game as a whole, and ruin a lot of people’s experience. I’m sure you’d have a lot of fun wiping on a boss other groups AFK and snore through just because they have more people.


Until the next post, people. Thanks for reading, and I hope you have a wonderful day.

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